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Hello my name

Robert Janiszewski

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You can reach me

+48 501.023.077


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Studio location

Bielska 17

02-394 Warsaw


You can also find me

My adventure with camera has started 8 years ago. I have fallen in love with photography the very moment I understood it was the best life investment possible people could do.

I do photograph people

I accompany them in their life events, eternizing those precious moments that never happen twice. I enchant emotions into pictures, being a mirror of people's moods and dreams. I discover and show their beauty, personality, importance of passion, relations or things they do professionally.

Beauty of an image

Constantly perfecting my competence in photography, I started to create images that are meant just for viewing pleasure, capturing beauty of the world or creating images that reflect my emotions and sensitivity. That's how FineArt was born.

Creative process

I use digital cameras and always do post-processing in digital darkroom. For me this is an immanent part of my creative process.

After hours 

My so-called free time is shared among reading & writing, traveling with friends or alone, recreational sport, riding two wheels, parenting my daughters, having good coffee and even better life. :)

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