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Here you can find  my personal projects that last over longer period of time. Leitmotif usually is obvious. Reasons to pick camera and go out to create these images differ. They always were and are personal and subjective. Anyway here goes things that developed me and gave me pure joy & fulfillment.


Cosplay project started back in 2015 by chance. I've visited Cosplay Walk. Event held every year in Warsaw. We did wonderful session with Vivid Cosplay and I felt this is something I want to continue. Project somehow connects me with my childhood full of sci-fi & fantasy books and computer games.

During this journey I meet wonderful artists with true passion. They spend countless hours designing and crafting those precious outfits. Needless to say I believe they deserve eternizing.


Polish only

Przez ponad pół roku, we wtorek bladym świtem. Śniadanie w nagrodę. Firma, marketing, rekomendacje, pieniądze oraz więcej pieniędzy. Ludzie biznesu w moim obiektywie i felietony z lekkim przymrużeniem oka

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